Why consult our specialized multidisciplinary team? 

  • Multidisciplinary team
  •  Involved in academic research
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Several years of clinical experience
  • Involved in university level teaching
  • Clinical approach based on most recent scientific data
  • Presentation of many conferences and workshops
  • Healthcare professionals involved in athletics

Our Approach

The Concussion Institute offers children, teenagers and adults the necessary services to ensure optimal care following a traumatic brain injury.

Our approach includes a recovery program focusing on three phases: a structured regime of physical and cognitive rest, a tailored rehabilitation program, and a gradual return to activities of daily living (e.g., return to learn, return to work,  return to play). A rapid intervention in the days following a concussion can reduce many risks such as: sustaining a new concussion, academic difficulties, and chronic symptoms and post-concussion syndrome.


  • Immediate care of concussions

  • Kinesiology-based rehabilitation

  • Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations and follow-ups

  • Support for sports teams

  • Support for academic establishments

  • Conferences and workshops

Our Partners